Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sittin in Tulsa

Hey there!  I am at the Cancer Center and Pat is snoozing while getting his chemo.  It looks like we are going to get out of here earlier than usual, but we did leave very early this morning from Kelly's.

They did not run tumor markers today as they like to run them only once a month.  Pat did lose 4 lbs and that is not good.  It is very important that he continue to keep consuming those nutritious calories, but it was a challenge this last two weeks because he felt so bad.  So, we will focus heavily on his nutrition the next two weeks.   Pat will continue to take the oral chemo pill (Tarceva) until June, so the doctor did decrease his Gemzar (chemo) dosage so that he can tolerate both of the drugs.  When we return the first of June they will be doing a couple of scans.  It is amazing how fast time flies when you schedule your life two weeks in advance.  

We are so thankful for this place.  I saw a girl my age this morning in the clinic who had the "white band" on her arm carrying the new patient briefcase, and I felt the nudge to introduce myself. I found out that she is from Kentucky and while chatting with her, I could tell she was nervous.  I just wanted her to know she too was in the right place. While we were here in October and we carried our briefcase for five days, many times other patients and/or caregivers would approach us and tell us the same.  It was such a confirmation that the Center was truly where the Lord led us.

Pat is waking up, so I will catch you guys tomorrow from the train on our way home!

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