Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No More Storms

Those storms are too close for comfort!  At 4:00 today I was watching OKC television on my laptop and I actually had tears in my eyes watching the radar around Kelly's house in Yukon.  Fortunately, we have technology and I found her via text while she was in a friend's basement. They didn't have any damage, but Brianna's graduation was canceled.  Later, I find that Mom had to go to the cellar and my cousins in Flower Mound were all in the closet!  I am thankful everyone is well, but my heart goes out to those who are facing devastation now in Oklahoma and Missouri. 

What a great game last night!  Mavs beat Thunder!  The Texas cousins would say to the Oklahoma cousins,"Texas beat Oklahoma!" Pat went to bed early last night and missed the grand finale. 

Speaking of Pat, he has had a couple of good days.  The biggest thing he fights is extreme fatigue.  It makes such a huge difference when he doesn't have to have the Neulasta shot and I feel he is going to have a good three weeks before we return to Tulsa. 

Have a great night and watch the radar!


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