Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Blessed Thanksgiving!

My sister, Kelly

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so full and but not quite miserable. We had a great day. I am so sorry that my Uncle Robert and Kathy as well as Shaunda and her family were unable to come due to the weather and sick kids. We missed you! 

We had lots of fun, food, laughing and pictures! Thank you Kelly and Brian again for coming up early to help, prepare and serve. You truly made it very memorable and special. I agree with Elizabeth and we need to try to find you guys jobs here so we could all live close together. 

Thanksgiving is an important holiday and one that easily gets pushed aside quickly because of Christmas marketing. We truly need to be thankful and cherish all that we are blessed with. Blessings have been abundant to the Easterlings and you, our friends and families, are at the top.

Moms out there, there isn't anything better than having all of your kids together under one roof is there? I just loved listening to them today as they hung out with the family. I heard one say earlier "he's touching me and won't move over" (20 and 23 year olds). I heard the boys yell at the TV while the Cowboys were playing, saw Elizabeth demonstrating to us in the kitchen her hip-hop exercise routine, and I now hear them removing leftovers from the fridge to eat some more. Lord, thank you for my family and they we were all together today!

Pat is feeling really tired tonight and actually has a small grade fever. He held off of the pain pills most of the day and had a good day! I know that he loves this cold weather, the crackling fireplace and all of his family that was here today! 

I am not a Black Friday shopper, so all of you early birds have fun in the morning! You really get up at 3 AM? I have never done that yet! Shop til you drop! 

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm! 
The Easterlings

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