Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Tree Is Done!

Christmas 2007


I am typing in red because I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit.  I just finished decorating the tree, but as I sit here on the couch and look at the mantle there are two pumpkins that need to be removed, but that will wait until tomorrow.  Pat and the boys helped me get the tree down and all of the boxes and they watched and commented on my decorating the tree while they watch the Mavs play.  Matt was questioning my brown ribbon with my red ribbon as he thinks brown doesn't work as a Christmas color.  There is red in the brown ribbon ......just hush and watch the Mavs Matt! :)

Today has been of the best days we have had for such a very long time.  It hasn't been good because we did anything special or went anywhere.  It is special because Pat felt so good today and was himself!  We have laughed and joked all day with each other.   I know that he is really loving it that his boys are sitting here on a Saturday night watching the game with him. Elizabeth has been here all day too, but at the moment she is out with her boyfriend, David.   

As I was driving to Lowes to get a string of lights because my pre-lit Christmas tree has some lights out, I was singing and thanking God for his goodness and giving us days like this!

It has been nice having a long weekend and I am looking forward to church tomorrow. After church we are having what the boys call "the dreaded" Christmas card picture.  We were just discussing the colors that we need to coordinate for the picture...bahaha you should have been a fly on the wall.  My family is the best and I love you four so much!

Goodnight!  Go Mavs!

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