Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Cherished Find

Pat checking the deer feeder

So glad Pat felt like going to church this morning, although difficult because his body started hurting as we were leaving.  All afternoon he has been relaxing and sleeping.  Right now he has a fever of 100.  We have seen a pattern of feeling this way and sometimes a fever about 48 hours after chemo.  If you read this tonight, please pray with me that his fever does not climb.  If it gets too high (100.4 is their guideline) we should go to ER or doctor.  I feel it will be okay.

Today I have been cooking and cleaning.  I have had to get use to the fact that we rarely eat out anymore.  Since we have cut out sugar in our diet and eat organic, restaurants do not have that much to offer.  Another challenge I have his getting Pat to eat six or small meals per day, which is  mostly protein, fruits and vegetables.  I have to admit I am sure missing pizza!  

Elizabeth went to the doctor this afternoon and can you believe she has strep?  Good grief. I have band her to her room and she calls me on her cell phone!  We can't have Pat getting strep.

I went into Lifeway last Thursday looking for that book.  That books means the one the Lord wanted me to read.  I can tell you that every time I have prayed for him to show me the book he has for me, he has without fail. I searched for a while and couldn't find one.  I was running out of time and Elizabeth was patting her foot. I did find a great devotion for Elizabeth, but I kept searching.  I just needed to find someone who has written a book that could help me in this journey.  Someone who could enlighten me or perhaps could just share some insight. I found it..."Don't Waste the Pain. Learning to Grow Through Suffering".  Be prepared for me to share with you what God is showing me.  I started reading it on the plane ride home Friday and immediately had many paragraphs underlined.  I even asked Pat to read the following.  I will share it with you:

"We have no promise from God that we will live another year.  And we have no provision from God that will numb whatever suffering lies ahead.  But like you and me, we do have both promise and provision from God that when we go through deep waters we will not drown, that we are precious to God, that we are empowered to reveal His glory and to become more like His son in any circumstance.  Deep faith grows in authentic community, that embracing where we are in our story releases us to live in the joy and hope of His story and that those who walk ahead of us on the narrow road to life can give us courage to follow, to not waste our pain, to learn what it means to grow through suffering.  God is always doing us good, even in the worst of times, when all the lights go out.  Dawn will come.  We will not only survive.  We will live."  

It is the book for me for now. 

It is going to be a short work week for many this week and no school for the kids.  We are looking forward to Thursday when all of the family gathers!  

Hope you have a good week!

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