Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Season Game

Hey, Hey! 

It has been such a good day around here!  Pat has felt really good and was busy selling windows today.  This month, Clear Choice has had its best month since the opening of the company last September and the month isn't even over yet.  We continually praise God for our company's success .  Pat is so pumped about the Clear Choice  team and  their hard work that they have done particularly since his presence has been scarce.  We give you Lord all the thanks and the Glory!  

Garrett's picture made the local paper today.  It was a picture of him shooting the ball at the game Monday night.  How cool G!

I have to share this cool story that Pat shared with me today on the phone.  He was at his primary care doctor getting his blood drawn early this morning.  The girl that was drawing his blood said, "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"  Pat answered "Sure!"  She then said "It's real personal."   He said, "Go ahead, ask me."  She said, "Do you believe that God can heal you"  Pat replied, "Absolutely".  She said "I am glad to hear that.  I am going to put you on our church's prayer list tonight if that is okay." When Pat shared that with me it just brought tears to my eyes.  Her asking that question was certainly bold.  Pat said she was very nervous when shed asked him.  I am sure she felt prompted by the Spirit and was obedient.  How many times are we obedient when we feel God nudge us. I am not always.    Sometimes it isn't comfortable and takes me way out of my comfort zone.  But the times I do remember being nudged and I was obedient it was a wonderful feeling.  I so want to please Him.  I hope the nurse felt a peace when she asked Pat her question. I would love for her to know how much she blessed Pat by asking and then blessed me.  Remember I talked about those moments of joy or "God hugs".  That was one.  I believe Pat is going to be healed and that was just another confirmation to hold on to my faith.  We have had some tough days in the past few weeks, but our good days have been so sweet.  God is using this journey, particularly from 2008 to now, to transform me and I could make a list that is really long.  I hope he is not finished with me yet.

I had to pause here and watch Modern Family!  It was the funniest episode that I have seen of this crazy show.  It had me rolling! 

Hugs my friends!
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