Friday, November 5, 2010

Elizabeth Posts

This morning I posted about Elizabeth driving to the airport. This is her reply. 

Elizabeth Easterling posted on your Wall.

Elizabeth wrote:
"I didn't find your status very humorous. We did arrive safe didn't we? I am pretty sure we didn't almost run through the airport toll with the bar down...and I know we didn't see any smart cars and have to slam on our breaks and drift to the middle lane because we wanted to stare at their weird shape. I also didn’t get any comments from dad yelling “ELIZABETH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” , or “Speed’s 65”. Overall, I think this morning was a nice safe and pleasant driving experience. Especially when comparing it to the previous driver who drove to airport last week (I will not mention ..cough..) I think you and dad would agree that this morning was very successful. Thank you. If you would ever like a ride again, you might have to ask nicer or beg. There are plenty of people who love being my passenger and these days everyone needs rides to the airport. I am now only taking people who enjoy risks, and are appreciative of my driving skills. =) 
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