Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Early Christmas!

Hi ya!  We just watched Modern Family!  That is one show we all like and just laugh out loud when we watch it. 

Today has been a good day.  I have had several joys during the day and Pat has too?  Today I got my pony-tail back and I bought eight Christmas presents....woot woot! (I'll explain that later.)  Pat's joy was much larger.  He and I got our first Christmas present today from Wendy, Dennis, Grayham and Jessica.  Wendy had this big box wrapped in Ho-Ho paper with a big bow.  Yep, she brings it in and insisted that we open it now.  What is it?  Tada........a Sharper Image Deluxe Heated Swedish Massage Cushion.  Let me describe it for you.  It has eight independent massage nodes, a spot massage and width adjustment as well as soothing heat.  You also have the choice between Swedish or Rolling Massage.  Wow!  It is for Pat's back and relief from Paige's arm which gives Pat back massages with a hand held massager.  A massager that is quite loud to say the least.  He immediately loved it and it gives him quick relief. Back pain is a major symptom with pancreatic cancer.  Thank you Stowes for this perfect gift.  

Okay about the woot woot!  This is Pat and Laura's  story, but I will tell it for him.  I am sure I will get it wrong, but here it goes.  Laura is one of my besties and she works for Pat at Clear Choice.  One day Laura sent Pat a text excited about some window sales and at the end of the text she signed it woot woot!  Pat immediately texted her back and said "you must mean woo woo or maybe woo hoo".  She replied "no, I mean woot woot!".  They continue to give each other grief as they banter back and forth for days.  One day Pat gets a text from one of his customers who is deaf.  Texting is the way she communicates with him.  The text she sent that particular day said she loved her windows and was ready to place her second order.  She signed her text with "woot woot!"  I guess Pat knows that is a word now!  So, when you see Pat or send him a message, it would be appropriate to say "woot woot"!  I pray you found some joy in your day today!  

Woot Woot!
Paige + Pat

The picture attached is the "Stowes" minus Dennis.  
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