Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Husband Rocks

Hello to all!  This photo is me  with a few of my Life Group girls, Kelli, Jennifer and Lisa, who joined us for Garrett's basketball game last night.  

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  If I am not, I'd better get ready as we are hosting both sides of our family for Thanksgiving, which will be about 25 people.  My brother-in-law, Brian had the great idea of hosting both families so he and Kelly will come early next week to start the preparations. Thanks Brian and Kelly...that means so much to Pat and I.  This way we will see everyone and then depart for Tulsa on the day after.  My thanksgiving list is long and I realize every single day there is even more to be written on that list.  

Pat had a better day today and went into the office for a bit.  He is still really tired, but he has a great rock, Pat! Did you know that there are t-shirts out there that say "My Husband Rocks". Gotta get me one!  Pat will have his blood work done early in the morning to check his white blood counts before we head to Tulsa on Thursday.  This will be routine for him every week.   

Hope you have a great day tomorrow.  
P.S.  Look, I made paragraphs!  

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