Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bubba's Buck

Hello!  It has been a quiet day today and  Pat and I have been hanging out at the house.  Sometimes there is nothing better than sweats and no makeup, but Pat might not agree!  Pat feels a lot better since last night.  The bone ache is going away slowly.  

Matt shot a big buck at the ranch a bit ago and he is excited!  He was also proud that he gutted it himself.  Looks like we will have more venison in the freezer and a nice wall mount in Matt's room. I am excited for you Bubba!

Garrett went to the Baylor/OU game today with friends and Elizabeth has been in and out also hanging out with friends.  

So, this blog is short and simple tonight!   Going to join Pat and watch the "Open Range" with him.

Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow!  

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