Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello from Tulsa

Hello!  It is 11:00 pm now and we arrived in Tulsa about 8:30.  When we arrive at the airport there is always a  car waiting for us from the Cancer Center.  Well this time it was a stretch limo as they had three couples to pick up.  One couple didn't show, so it was just us and a couple from Louisiana, Charles and Joyce.  Joyce was hungry so she asked the driver to stop so that they could get something to eat.  The poor couple had been traveling all day and was tired and hungry.  The limo pulled into Wendy's Drive-Thru!  I just started giggling.  The stretch was almost long enough to have each end of the car at the pay window and the pickup window! Charles and Joyce have been coming to CTCA for about eight months and what an encouraging and inspirational couple.  They shared about their journey and what this cancer center means to them.  

Pat got his blood drawn just a bit ago and was able to get his favorite pain medication, Delotid.  It is a nice change from his Hydrocodone and to top it off we had our favorite nurse, Wendy.  The staff and patients here truly feel like family.  

We will see the oncologist, Dr. Stresthda in the morning, a few other doctors and then chemo at 11:00.  We will catch the 5:30 flight home just in time to catch Garrett's basketball game at 7:30. 

I accompanied Elizabeth to the oral surgeon today.  She is going to have some gum drafting (ouch) done on December 20th.  She has had this procedure done when she was little.  I just hate it that she will have to do this, but we do have to protect that beautiful smile!

Pat had a good day!  Going to call it a night!  Will talk to you tomorrow!  Thanks again and again for your prayers, encouraging words and love!

Pat & Paige

PS:  This is a photo that I surprised Pat with in 1994 for Christmas.  My babies were so angelic in this picture!!   

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