Monday, February 14, 2011

Close Call

Well we just arrived in Hico after watching the game. The Spartans ended their season with a win against Southlake Carroll by 20 points. What fun it was watching these guys this year.

Garrett was playing in the last quarter and was driving for a layup and his legs were cut out from under him and he fell on his back while landing also on his arm and wrist. It was one of those falls that makes a crowd gasp, particular from his mom! I got it on video and had a hard time watching it again. Earlier in the game he got a finger in the eye. He will certainly be sore tomorrow. So glad that nothing was broken. My dad and Michele joined us for the game, so I am glad they were and able to see Garrett play.

Going to bed. We have to get up early to round up the cattle, sort the calves and haul them to the sale to Clifton. When I was growing up we used horses, but in this modern day, four-wheelers is much faster and quite fun!

Happy Valentines to you! I must say I have the best there is! I love you Patrick and so thankful I can call you mine for these 26 plus years.


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