Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yes, I know it is early and this post is before 10 PM.   I am hoping and planning to go to bed early or at least at a decent hour.  A decent hour to me is 10:00.  I am a piddler by nature, so it is easy for me to drag bedtime out.  Who can relate?

We will fly to Tulsa in the morning. I never have a sense of dread when we go.  If you ask Pat he may answer you differently.  It is such a warm and comforting place to be and I just wish there was a different reason.  I love the fact that there is more awareness about the Cancer Center amongst our friends and family.  Currently, I have a friend from my home town who is battling breast cancer, and she is going to the Cancer Center in Illinois.  She lives closer to Tulsa, but due to her insurance, she has to travel to Zion, Illinois. 

I believe awareness is important for the center, but also for pancreatic cancer.  My DFW friends, did you see the article in the Star Telegram about Patrick Swayze's widow and her focus on pancreatic cancer?  It was such an interesting article and the more I read about this disease, the more I am learning.  She was at Capital hill last week  seeking more funds to research this disease.  One question in the article asked "Why the lack of attention to  pancreatic cancer?"  Her answer:  "It's a mystery."  But she noted that other cancers have become high-profile and benefited from more funding and more research, so there are survivors championing their cause."  With so few survivors of pancreatic cancer, she told a room of friends and relatives of Swayze, "It's up to us."  For 40 years, the survival rate for pancreatic cancer has remained in the single digits, despite an increase in the incidence of the disease, despite the fact that it is the forth-leading cause of cancer death and at a time when significant progress has been made on other cancers.  

So, I share with you what I now know and desire to spread awareness as we continue this journey.  I know that you will now meet more people who have been touched by this disease.

Tomorrow I will be checking in from Tulsa.  I hear it is colder there, of course! 

It feels so good to know that we are not walking in this journey alone.  Your love, prayer and support mean so much to us.

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