Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

"Baby, it's cold outside" that song.

What an icy, cold, windy day and I stepped outside once to get a trash can that blew over in the ditch. I about busted it in my houseshoes.  I have not gotten out of my xoxo pj's all day long. I have actually worked most of the day so that I could get caught up on some things. I love my job working on the church website and I consider it fun!

As you know we were to fly to Tulsa today at 2 PM.  They canceled that flight and rescheduled us for 3:45 and ditto the same for the 5:25.  I gave the cancer center a call to see if the staff were able to come in and most of them were working from home.  The PET Scan was down today due to Fed Ex deliveries and they felt like that could be a problem for a few days.  We are now scheduled to arrive the center at 9 AM this coming Saturday and do the PET at 12 noon, so we will be leaving for Tulsa on Friday.  We will have to wait until Monday to see the doctor.

I am thankful they were able to get us in this weekend as the next available appointment to see our oncologist was February 14th.  I am sad though that I will not get to birthday with the kids this weekend.  We will be here for Elizabeth's birthday on the 3rd, but Matt's is Super Bowl Sunday and we will miss his big day as well as Garrett's game on Saturday. Of course, they understand, but birthdays and games are important. 

Nothing else to report from around here.  Garrett did talk his dad into taking him over to a friend's house this afternoon since school is closed tomorrow.  He said he was so bored!  Matt got a snow day today and Elizabeth was home too!  I made some chili for dinner, so it was a pretty laid back day...I loved it!  

I hope that you enjoyed your day.  It looks like the same scenario tomorrow.  Perhaps I can get some taxes done (not so much fun).


Date changed:  "Prayers for Pat", Saturday, February 2nd, 12 Noon.  Thank you!

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