Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello From Hico

Hello from Hico!! Dinner is over. I made some spaghetti and we are putting our feet up and watching some tv.

We started our morning in Saginaw for Garrett's game against Coppell. Spartans won by at least 25 points One more game Monday night at home.

Following the game we headed straight to Hico to work the calves and will come back Tuesday to take a trailer load to the sale. The last time we worked them was in October, so we had about 40 head to vaccinate, few to dehorn and of course change those bulls to steers!! We also had a few wild ones that made it frustrating. Calves can be idiots! The weather was absolutely wonderful. We started by 1:30 and were done by 5:30. Pat felt good today and his stamina held up well. Mom was a great help. I cannot fail to mention our friends, Brian and Lecia, who were lifesavers. They are our neighbors and have several head that are mixed with our herd. Brian's sister and her husband and son filled in the other areas of help we needed. Thanks guys!

So, that is the recap of the day at the Double E.... not too exciting but a great escape for us. We will sleep good tonight! Oh, I forgot to mention how happy Cash is,,,,,he loves It here!

So y'all check back you hear?
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