Friday, February 18, 2011

I love Him So


I asked Pat last night if he wanted to update Caringbridge and he said okay. When I read his post, I was surprised and touched and if you know me, it made me cry.   Every woman wants to be loved and to be told in such a beautiful way.  His words will be imprinted on my heart forever.

Did you know that Pat is right?  After being married 26 years now, I too love him more today than yesterday and I mean that seriously. Bare with me here.  I know it is getting mushy, but I am headed somewhere with this and I hope that I can put into words what I am trying to say.   I truly believe that God has placed a soul mate on this earth for each of us and I know I found mine. One of my biggest prayers for my children is that they find the soul mate God has chosen for them and I pray they know love as we have.  I have been praying for each of their soul mates since my kids were little and my prayer is that God is preparing and working on the hearts of those my children marry. 

Marriage is hard and it does take effort, but I believe that God honors your faithfulness to each other, particularly when you put Him right in the middle of it.  Our marriage has had its rough spots too, but it truly gets sweeter as we get older. Pat and I both have talked about this a lot since 2008 when he was diagnosed with cancer the first time.  As I have said before, there are many gifts in cancer and one of those gifts has been a sweeter marriage and a closer friendship with each other.  We will tell you that the secret to our marriage is that he and I have a personal relationship with Christ. In order for me to be a good wife, I have to allow God to change me, heal me and mold me.  He isn't finished!

If you asked me today how we are doing in this journey, I would tell you that it is tough emotionally for both of us at times.  When we have those hard days, we can't depend on each other to get us through. We have to turn to God.  He is teaching me to be dependent on Him solely. In His word he reminds me that he is holding my right hand and he never leaves me.  That is why I love my Jesus Calling devotion because it focuses on God's presence and peace.  

Pat still gives me butterflies when I see him walk across the room or I see his name pop up on my phone when he is calling or texting me.  You know, I still feel like I did when I was 18!

Have a great weekend!

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