Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Kids

Hello!  Hope you have had a great Sunday!  It was nice waking up in Hico, but the only bad thing about that was we didn't get to go to church.  

This afternoon we had Elizabeth's and Matt's birthday dinner.  It was fun, but anytime we are together, I cherish it.  
Pat has felt good today and we both are feeling a little stiff from wrestling calves.  Tomorrow tonight after Garrett's game, we will return to Hico and wake up early Tuesday morning to take the calves to the sale.  

Tomorrow night Garrett has his last basketball for the season.  That makes me sad as I love watching them play.  Dad and Michele are planning on coming to watch Garrett play, so that will be a treat to see them twice this weekend.

I keep mentioning Cash in my journal, and for those who might not know, Cash is our two-year-old Australian Shepherd.

It will be a busy week around here and I am sure yours will be the same.  The weather forecast for the week is fantastic!

Attached is a picture of the birthday kids!  Have a blessed week!
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