Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday's Recap

Hello!  I must remind myself to save my text as I go tonight!  

I started talking about our calf hauling day yesterday, but I accidentally deleted it.  So, I must recap the short version.

We gathered the herd up Tuesday morning early with the four-wheelers into the pens, separated and all went so smoothly. We loaded the trailer with 21 calves with only a little bit of trouble.  The adventure started when Pat and I were driving down the county road leaving the ranch and he says he sees a leg sticking out of the trailer.  We had to push, shove, and poke to get the calf's leg back in the trailer. We were driving to Clifton and as soon as we were near the city limits we heard a huge noise.  We had a blow out.  That isn't unusual most of the time, but the last three times we have driven to the sale, we have had a blow out.  We actually bought that particular tire in October from the tire shop in Clifton.  Pat was frustrated and practically had to argue to get a new tire, but he got a free one.  When we arrived at the sale barn to unload, the center gate in the trailer was jammed and it took three men with a crowbar to open it.  Whew! I was glad to get them unloaded.  We ended our visit in Clifton with a visit to the DQ!   

Looking back on our day, it was quite comical.  It was a great day and I enjoyed hanging out with my favorite cowhand.

Today has been a good day as well and Pat is focused on the business.  We are thankful that he has felt good and was able to get all of the ranch work done. We do appreciate our help Saturday and our help from Brandon and Lola helping us yesterday morning.

The picture attached is one of my favorite views....riding behind Pat on the four-wheeler. Sweet!

Good night and sweet dreams!
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