Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Same Song, Second Verse

Oh it is the same song but now the second verse...iced in and I still have not brushed my hair, but I did change to some comfy sweats.  Garrett is still at friends and Cash keeps wanting to play ball over and over!  I personally do not have cabin fever yet and I have enjoyed myself and my company. My company, Pat, is getting restless, but he is feeling pretty good.

What a surprise Miss Elizabeth received today.  She has been walking aroud this house for two days complaining how bored she was, her birthday may not be any fun because of the weather, one of her favorite heels were broken and she needs to get it fixed, she has so much to do at work, yada, yada, yada.  But, at 3:45 she had a huge surprise.  Jessica, her BFF, flew in today from San Diego to suprise her.  Elizabeth was in her room when Jessica came through the front door.  Jessica waited in the kitchen for Elizabeth to come out of her room.  We kept calling Elizabeth, but she was taking her time.  She walked out of her room and when she saw Jessica she said "Shut up!  What are you doing here!"  It was priceless.  That was so very sweet of you Jessica to surprise her for her 24th birthday.

It is so hard to believe that my Wiz-a-buff will be 24 tomorrow.  Her age does make Pat and I feel old, but most of all "where did the time go?"  Elizabeth, I hope you have a memorable and special birthday tomorrow!

Thank you to those who prayed for Pat today at 12 noon and  loved receiving your nice notes and thoughts.  Since we will be scanning on Saturday, we are asking for prayer again at 12 noon on Saturday, February 5th.  There are never too many prayers said and I know God hears every prayer we pray.

I am thanking God today for the blessing of a warm home and electricity today.  It is easy to forget what pleasures we have at our fingertips.  When the electricity went off this morning at about 8:30 we heard it and it woke us up.  My first thought was "oh no...there will be no coffee without electrcity. Thankfully our electricity was only off for about 20 minutes. 

Hope you stay warm tonight!

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