Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We Made It Home

I am blogging early tonight because I am pooped and plan to go to bed early.  Pat and I arrived safely at home this morning at 2:30.  We left the center at 8:15 last night right after finished his chemo treatment.  My friends are so funny. Many texted me while I was driving and said that I could give them a call if I was sleepy, so I had a few on standby.  I did chat with my sister three times as she had to make sure I was okay.  Pat slept a lot of the way home, but I know he was nervous, so he probably had one eye open.  I will tell you one thing and that is I don't want to make that drive many times.  Plane or train, but no automobiles, please!

My friend, Kathy, visited our blog today and this is what she said about CTCA (Cancer Center) She along with her husband, Jerry, are of the very couples we met last October.  Kathy is a patient also. "I know this sounds silly, but life does slows down when cancer enters the picture. We learn just what is important in our lives. Our priorities shift and God shows us new things each day. I always say I am wrapped in prayer and God's love and that's the best place I could be."  Yes, I agree.  The center also can be the best place we could be.   I am always searching for words to describe to you just how special CTCA is.   One of the nurses to Dr. Yoeder, Cyndi, is retiring Friday from the center and will be moving to Houston where her husband has been living and working.  We hugged when we said goodbye and she wanted our contact information and wants to follow us on Caringbridge.  We have only known her since October, but she cared and loved on us.  Our lives are now entwined with such special people whether be staff or patients and these people placed in our lives have changed us. Do you know what is so obvious to Pat and I now?  Cancer does not discriminate

Thank you for your sweet comments, texts and messages in regards to our great results.  We feel your enthusiasm, joy and pure thankfulness.  Many, many times I find myself saying "Wow"!

In closing, I am reminded of my life verse.  John 13:7.  Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."  I may not ever understand any of these trials we all go through, but if Jesus continues to reveal himself, his love and his faithfulness to me as He has, then this journey is worth it. 

Sweet dreams!
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