Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In My PJ's All Day Long

Hello!  I just typed up a very uneventful blog entry, but if I don't save it as I am creating it, I can lose it and I did!  Darn!

To tell you the truth, I am still in my pj's and loving it!  I have worked most of the day in front of Pat's beautiful fire that he has been poking all day!  He told me I looked beautiful a while ago.  He is looking sharp in his sweats too!

Pat is feeling good today, but he is having some bone ache. He has found that Epson salt baths help with that.

A busy weekend ahead and it is hard to believe that tomorrow is Thursday. Garrett only has two more games, Saturday and Monday.  Saturday afternoon we plan to go to Hico and work calves and get ready for the sale next week.  I hear the cattle market is really good right now!

I hope you have enjoyed a lazy and warm day and perhaps you are still in your pj's too!   

Sending all of our love
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