Monday, February 21, 2011

Thinking of Randy and Diane

Just a quick hello tonight!  All is well around the Easterling household.  The boys got in from Hico and Elizabeth returned home safely too.  Pat felt good today and had a busy work day. 

Pat, Garrett & I just can't seem to get enough basketball as we went to watch LD Bell play Cedar Hill tonight at Centennial.  Cedar Hill blew them out, so it wasn't that good of a game.

It seems that there is a lot to do during the short week because we leave for Tulsa Thursday morning.   There are a few doctor appointments to get in for Garrett and I, put my car in the shop, and various other to do list items.  I am not complaining though...I like uneventful! 

As I close tonight I ask you to pray for Randy Hall in Alabama.  Pat and I had breakfast a couple of times with Randy at the cancer center several months ago and he was a sweetheart.  Today Randy buried his wife, Diane, who fought breast cancer for many years.  I have been keeping up with Diane's journey via Randy's Facebook posts.  Randy, my heart breaks for you and know we are praying for you.

Let Randy and Diane's love story remind all of us that life is precious and truly none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. 

Sweet Dreams!
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