Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Numbers

Greetings from Touristy Tulsa! 

We are at the Cancer Center and Pat's chemo is starting now.  When he takes his chemo, they also give him Benadyral and Ativan along with a lot of fluids so that he can keep hydrated.  Keeping him hydrated and full of protein is a challenge.  He is maintaining his weight pretty good.  He did lose two pounds, so I will have to work harder this week to get the calories poured into him. 

Now for the good news!   Pat's tumor markers are down to 61.  Two weeks ago they were 68 and when we began in October they were 1142.   We met with Marie, the Nurse Practitioner, today who I just love.  She was excited too about our report and our new tumor marker numbers.  I love telling the nurses here in Infusion of our good report today because they need to hear it as much as we do.  They treat patients day in and day out and I know that they get weary.  I have talked about my nurse friend, Wendy, here before.  She works nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.    She just came on for her shift tonight  and we were able to catch up with her.  She is an absolute hoot and adorable too!  Most importantly she is  compassionate, loving and funny and she adores her patients.  She and I text each other throughout the week as she is one of our biggest cheerleaders.

I am going to sign off for now. Pat is sleeping, so I may just read a little or play here on this laptop.
Your prayers are working....keep them coming!

Praising the Lord,
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