Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hanging With My Sis

Hello! Sitting here with a full stomach and enjoying my sis and her family.  Pat and I made mention to Brian that we hadn't eat a steak in such a long time and he fixed that right away.  We ate at the Cattleman's steak house in the stockyards area of Oklahoma City.  Pat and I are so thankful that they live close as it is nice to get away from the center.

As soon as I finished updating Caringbridge early this afternoon, Pat finished his scan.  He said that all went well.  Earlier this morning he had his first introduction to acupuncture.  He said it was enjoyable and not painful at all.  When I think of acupuncture all I think of are needles.  It is offered to all patients at the center and it helps with pain and fatigue.

We are going to hang out here with Kelly and Brian tomorrow and watch the game.  Our plan is to go back to the center tomorrow night.  They are calling for more snow, but not significant.

Kelton, my nephew, just asked me if this was my blog I was typing on and he wanted me to share with you how awesome is dog, Drover, is.  He says "Drover is the best dog, and he is the retired, fastest dog in Oklahoma.  He was also valedictorian of his obedience class."  Thank you, Kelton! 

Good night!  All our love!
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