Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Love Him

Hello! It is Sunday!  Even though you were  unable to read my post from last night, I wrote one.  I submitted it and who knows where it went.  So frustrating! 

Today we were able to go to church and Matt and his girlfriend, Missy, joined us.  What an awesome time of worship and Brother Mike delivered a powerful message.  In my notes, I underlined "Pray for Understanding and Conviction" and "Pray That Faith Will Grow Stronger".  I am certainly praying for stronger faith each day and my prayer is that my children will too.  Brother Mike said today that we should be praying for our children and pray for what they really need.  This message was a reminder to me on how to pray for my kids. This mom desires for her kids to be happy and she wants them to be pain free, but that is a waste of time.  God assures us that we will  all have trials and many.  Since we have begun this journey those precious three of mine have certainly been the center of my prayers each day.  Oh how I want them to become men and women of God and that He would use this trial to mold them and reveal himself to them each day. I pray that Elizabeth, Matt and Garrett will grow to love God deeply and that they will truly know what an intimate relationship is. I want them to know Him and to make Him known. 

Years ago when I was doing a Beth Moore Bible study and she said that she loved God more than anything on this earth.  When I heard her say that I wanted to know if she meant she loved Him more than her children?  Did she love God more than her husband?  Did she really?  I remember praying at that moment that I wanted to love God more than my family.  I could not understand it or really think I could ever say that.  Well, I can now and this is the love I want my children to have. My prayer now is that they will love our Heavenly Father deeply and may they know His love through Pat and I. 

Yesterday Pat experienced more bone pain, but it was milder than it is today.  He described his body today as feeling sore like he has been playing a lot of football or having  flu that touches every bone in his body.  So, I ask that you pray for the pain to leave and that he will feel much better tomorrow. 

I did mention in my post yesterday that Pat and I ran some errands in the late afternoon and we were able to buy four or five big bags of Sweethearts from CVS on the clearance shelf!  We were actually laughing as I piled them in my arms! 

I was looking for a bookmark yesterday and I found one that I had tucked away in my office.  It read "Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible."  Anonymous. Let's think on that.

Sweet dreams!

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