Saturday, April 16, 2011

Battle Scar!

Hello!  It has been a day of basketball in West, Texas and here at the house watching the Mavericks.  Garrett is playing with a new select team this year and all of them are from his high school, so they are the Spartans.  They played good today in their first tournament and won both games.  The score was not pretty and the second game was wild.  I would have to say that this game is probably one of the worst games I have witnessed such disrespect from coaches, kids and sadly their parents from the other team. The last quarter was getting rough and Garrett came home with a scratch down the left side of his face with a touch of a black eye.  He said somehow he got punched and scratched at the same time.   We return tomorrow to finish the tournament. I have attached a picture of his battle scar!

Pat didn't get to go to the game today because he had an appointment for work and at the last minute he went to Hico to mow.  When he got home tonight he was really tired and weak.   He is such a trooper! 

Tonight I had dinner with Matt and Missy and while driving home I was listening to the song "No Matter What".  I hear this song over and over, but as it was playing I was listening for a message.  Maybe a word from God through this song that he might have for me.  The second verse is:

When I'm stuck and there's nothing else by myself, I'm just sitting in silence, there's no way I can make it without Your help, I wont even try it. I know You have Your reasons for everything, so I will keep believing, whatever I might be feeling, God you are my hope, and you will be my strength... No Matter What, I going to love you, no matter what!

That pretty much describes it for me ... "I will keep believing, Lord and no matter what, I am going to love you"

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