Saturday, April 2, 2011

Go Rangers

Hey! As I type, Rangers hit a grand slam! It is hard to believe it is baseball season again. look forward to wearing my cute ranger t-shirt Brian and Lecia bought me for the world series last year!

We actually just got back from their house here in Hico after enjoying some fajitas. The weather is beautiful tonight. As I was eating my brownie I was gazing at Lake Pat from their house. I just felt God's presence and peace today. We got the calves sorted which was pretty easy. But before we did that Pat sent me to town for some creep feed for the calves. While in town I stopped at the square to view the Billy the Kid festival booths. I found a few treasures and visited one of my favorite stores. It is exciting to be able to find some cute clothes in Hico. What a great little town.

Pat and I discovered a patch of deep purple Irises across from the house on the county road. Pat noticed them about the same time I did. I went over to take a picture and it just made me smile. I have never seen purple ones before and I felt that discovery was just a hug from God. I then went to open a gate in the pasture and I looked around and all I see are purple wild flowers everywhere. I whispered a prayer. "Thank you, Lord! Thank you for providing me a reminder that you are near. My love for purple is growing more each day as I see it on my arm band and now in the nature you created around me."

Well I'll say goodnight and finish watching the game with Pat.

Hico! Hubby! Happy! Hugs!
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