Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lady Revelle Tiny-Buckholt

Hello from Granbury! I am being treated to an R&R as a gift from the ministers along with six others. We got away from the church an hour later than planned due to the last minute, but important duties that had to be done in order for Church to happen on Sunday!

All seven of us were laughing the minute we locked the door behind us as we left the church and have not stopped yet. What a great bunch of girls that I love and adore. Tonight we had a devotional leader from Truett Theological Seminary who was inspiring and very gifted. She was so refreshing.

It is late and my roomie, Denise, has to get up at 3 AM to watch that wedding. (I asked Pat to record it and he asked "what wedding"?) I will not be joining her!

As I close I am going to share my royal wedding guest name should I have been invited. How did I come up with my name? The game on FB was choose Lady plus my grandmother's name
plus my first dog's name plus the street name I lived on as a child.

Lady Revelle Tiny-Buckholt 

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