Friday, April 15, 2011


TGIF!  It has been a good one!  Since I now have Fridays off, I went into the office with Pat and did some work there.  I am trying to poke my head in the office when I can so that I can learn more about the business.  Pat and I are so grateful for our wonderful team at Clear Choice.

Well, we will be going to Tulsa next week, so I booked the train to Oklahoma City on Wednesday. We leave in the afternoon about 5:30 PM and arrive in the city at 9:30.   Unfortunately, the train does not go all of the way to Tulsa, so we will be staying with my sister and then driving to Tulsa on Thursday. We will return on Friday to Fort Worth at 12:30 pm.  It will be interesting and I can't wait as I believe the only time I ever rode on a train was as a bluebird in the first or second grade. 

This morning I got a Facebook message from my cousin, Shaunda, who told me that she saw my dad on TV last night.  So, I googled and found him.  Click here to view the video coverage.  The damage was much worse than I expected after seeing the photos.  I am so thankful that he and Michele were okay.  I understand that Michele called dad at home and told him a storm was coming, so he went into town.  I am so glad he was not there in the barn and was safe and sound in town.  Remember, he is dangerous in his barn!

Basketball tournament tomorrow!  Garrett plays  in West, so I am looking forward to that. 

Well, I am dozing as I write this, but I am waiting on Garrett to get home so I can go to sleep.

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