Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Days

I just love days that are sweet.  You wake up happy.  You hear a song on the radio that just brings tears to your eyes because you are thankful.   It is one of those days that you just feel something exciting is just around the corner and you get a few glimpses during your day.  What is crazy is that you can feel joy and peace when in reality, you shouldn't....but I do! 

I just got a text and a picture of a new baby girl, Wren Kirspel, 8.4 lbs and precious.  Proud parents are  Jodi Beth and Rob and grandparents, Toni and Marvin Givens!  New life still amazes me.  Congratulations!

Tomorrow a busy day!  Work, basketball and the arrival of Elizabeth from California. 

Pat has felt good today and has been busy with work.  It is a new and exciting time at the window company!  We are now announcing our new name, America's Best Choice. Same great company, quality and service, just a name change.  I am so excited for Pat and his team and the great opportunity ahead!  I have a t-shirt that I wear that says "My Husband Rocks" and I love wearing it because it says it all perfectly!  Pat, I am so proud of you!

Your crisis is your greatest opportunity to see God's glory and goodness revealed--and to have the high honor of revealing him to others~Steven Furtick
.  I read this during my quiet time this morning. I put it on my Facebook wall because it grabbed my attention and I want to grab yours.  During this journey we have seen His goodness revealed and personally seen His glory.

I encourage you to think about this too.  Either you are currently in a crisis, just got out of one, or headed there soon. God's presence and his love has been shown the most during my trials and when I hurt the most.  Nobody wants the pain that can come from them, but I honestly would not trade those days in the valley as that is where I have come to know and love Jesus more and more.

Looking up,
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