Tuesday, April 12, 2011

God Hugs

Hello!  We watched some basketball tonight.  Garrett had two games at the high school which they won, and we made the last few minutes of Matt's game at the church.   I never get tired of basketball.

Pat had a rough day today with body aches and fatigue.  He says he is actually feeling better now.  I have asked my prayer warriors to join me in praying for Pat to have strength and endurance tomorrow as he has a lot of work to do. 

After Pat was diagnosed in October, we made contact with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network which supports patients and creates hope for anyone affected by pancreatic cancer. They will connect you with survivors in their network if you ask.   Tonight Pat got a call from Roger Stump.  He is the gentlemen on the Cancer Treatment Center commercials who is a seven year survivor of pancreatic cancer. He actually goes tot he center in  Zion, Illinois.   Roger took the time to give his testimony and tell of his journey.  Roger spoke of his chemo treatment as well as his naturopathic supplements.  He gives God all of the glory for his healing and believes that his positive attitude, good nutrition and using the supplements was key in his healing.  He stressed to Pat that he never quit dreaming and thinking about his future while he was battling the cancer.  I think Pat getting that call from Roger would be considered a God hug wouldn't you? 

This morning just as I finished getting ready for work, I just felt compelled to get on my knees and pray.  The first words out of my mouth was "thank you".  I find the first thought I have after I lay my head on my pillow at night is "thank you, Lord".  It is amazing to me that I am so blessed and grateful in the midst of this storm.  His presence is comforting and God's love is truly intimate. 

This morning I did ask the Lord to give all five of us a God hug.  I didn't ask the kids specifically if they received one today, but Pat and  I did.  Just as I walked out of the back door and was getting into my car I got a text from a friend of mine.  She and I have known each other for a long time, but our paths do not cross often.  I know that she is a prayer warrior and we have prayed for each other in the past many times.   When I looked down at my phone to see who was texting me, I saw her name and thought I wonder what that could be about.  I should have known because she was sending me encouragement and telling me that she heard a song that brought me to her mind.  She said she prays for us often and she loved me.  Receiving a text from her is not surprising, but the timing and the person God used to text me is what made tears of thankfulness run down my face.  I had just gotten off my knees five minutes before the text and I felt God was saying, "Paige, I heard you.  You are precious to me." 

As I said earlier this week, our sermon on Sunday was about the Holy Spirit and how we have to be still to hear God's still, soft voice.  If we are constantly busy, we can't hear Him.  We have to take time out of our day to stop and listen.  On my knees this morning I was still and I heard His voice, and He actually gave me an instruction.  After I understood the instruction, he told me He loved me.  He loves you too!

Sweet dreams,
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