Thursday, April 14, 2011

They Are Safe and Sound!


It has been a good Thursday.  Pat went to work today and is feeling good, but tired tonight.  I took Elizabeth to the airport tonight so that she can visit her BFF in California and when I came home tonight I was able to help Garrett type a paper! 

I am certainly thankful that my dad and mom in Oklahoma are okay after the tornado and storms.  Dad said that the roof of his barn is gone and that two of his vehicles were damaged.  There is also electric poles down around him.  Fortunately, he was in town when the storm came through. 

Elizabeth and I were driving through DFW Airport when the phone rang and it was my mom.  She said "It is your mom.  Just want you to know that I am going to Mary's to the cellar and I have my dogs with me and I have called your sister".  "Okay, Mom, call me when you get out of the cellar."  She did and nothing was harmed at her place.  Elizabeth and I try to picture her driving down the road with her animals and then taking them down into the cement hole!  Mom, we are glad that you are alright, but forgive us for grinning!

It was so nice to come into a clean, sparkling house tonight!  The buyer said the master bedroom and closets  were not big enough.  Oh well!  At least I have a clean house and needed that motivation to get it "spring cleaned".  My house is still for sale if any takers out there! 

It is 10 PM and it is still early, so I am headed to bed!

Have a great weekend! 


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