Friday, April 8, 2011

Headed Home Tomorrow

We are ready to sleep in our own beds, hugs our kids and play with Cash!  In the morning we fly home and we are excited!  Pat had his chemo this afternoon about 4:30 and after we returned to the room we ordered some Mazzio sandwiches.  When you have been here four days you are ready for some outside food!    Pat is now sleeping soundly.  We begin his chemo pill in the morning.  He is a little anxious about the side effects, so we are praying for minimal.  He didn't have to have a Neulasta shot so we are so glad he doesn't have to deal with bone pain in the days to come. 

We are still reeling from the good news and when I shared our good report with the nurses in Infusion tonight, they just confirmed how wonderful it is because they see this nasty cancer everyday. 

Thank you for celebrating and rejoicing with us!  We are truly touched by you and God's infinite grace! 

I love you, Lord!
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