Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tulsa Update

Hello from Tulsa!  Our first appointment began at 8 AM this morning with registration and preop for tomorrow's procedure.  Following that we met with radiology to set the bone scan in process which was at 2 PM today.  The scan went well and I hope that we get those results tomorrow. 

This afternoon we met with the radiologist doctor, Dr. Pasqual, so that he could explain the microwave ablation procedure.  Pat will be completely under while doing the procedure.  They will insert a probe that will burn the tumor.  It will actually kill the good cells and bad cells and the goal is to get completely around the tumor so that none of the bad cells are left.  They will only be burning one tumor.  The second tumor he said looks inactive.  He said that was to our advantage that there was only one tumor.  Dr. Pasqual also said that he has had good results from this procedure and has been doing it for about five years.   The side effects will be flu like symptoms for a week as the body fights the burnt tissue.  Please pray for Dr. Pasqual has he discerns the situation and that the Lord will guide his hands.  After recovery, Pat will be hospitalized for 23 hours and we pray that his symptoms will be minimal. 

He was really a nice, young doctor.  For those of you who Know Arty Moto, he looked just like him and had the same mannerisms.  I texted Arty today and told him we met his twin.  Arty and Matt have been friends since grade school. 

The best part of the day was when my dearest friend, Misty, from the good old college days came to the center to hang with Pat and I.  Her husband, Murray, has a meeting here in Tulsa for three days.  The four of us went out tonight to the Cheesecake Factory.   Oh my gosh, we are stuffed.  I had a hard time choosing which cheesecake I wanted, but Pat and I shared the strawberry!  Yum! I believe I will have the rest of it tomorrow morning with my coffee!

That is just like God to arrange this visit.  She and I have been close all of these years and to be with her and Murray has blessed me so much today. If there was one friend that I think mirrors me, it would be Misty.  We laughed and laughed today.  Do any of you remember my children's plastercraft party shop, Kids Paint Too that I had in the late 90's?  She is the one who help me start my business.  Misty is celebrating 18 years since she opened her store, the Paint 'n Station.  What a blessing you are, Misty!   Thank you God, for your huge hug!

Tomorrow's appointment begins at 8:30 with our oncologist, Dr. Stresthda and then many appointments before Pat goes for the ablation at 2 PM. 

Thank you for praying and for your encouraging support and love.  I know that many of you are praying as I feel God's peace and that is such a gift to me. His presence and His peace is what I crave.   I keep saying "gift" and I have all week, but God has been amazing in providing and showing His love for our family. 

It is time to get ready for bed!  We love you, Elizabeth, Matt, & Garrett!

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