Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Whew what a day!  First of all though I want to say thank you prayer warriors for praying for Pat.  He felt good this morning and worked all day. 

I got a call today around lunch time from my friend/realtor, Lagatha, who asked me if I wanted to show my house tomorrow?  My first reaction was "your kidding right? " She wasn't and I had a decision to make.  Was I up to the cleaning it would take to show it the next day?  I called Pat and he said he would help me (poor guy).  Seven hours later, I am done.  I made him quit just in time for us to watch Modern Family.  We had our house on the market for a year because we would like to down size.  We would like to sell it now,  but it is too stressful to list it and keep it clean for showings at a momen't notice.    It wasn't God's will for us to sell it, so we took it off the market in August of 2010.  Of course, I can look back and see why.  The timing might not be now either, but I'll give it a chance and it is certainly a good way to get your house clean in a hurry. 

There was enough dust on my furniture that I could write my address, seriously!  My closet was in the worst disarray I have ever seen.  So, I started in the back of the house and worked over and up!  By the time it was time to go upstairs, Mr. Garrett came home from church, so he helped me.  The picture you see was taken by my concerned daughter.  I was carrying trash down the stairs and somehow slipped and fell a few steps with the trash strewn everywhere.  I let out a yelp and she hears me.  She did ask me if I was okay, but to hold it right there because she wanted a picture.  I hurt my elbow a bit and then proceeded to hit my head on the weight bench five minutes later and then hit my hip on the corner of the bed just after that.  Geez! 

Well, I am pooped and going to bed.  I use to not be a night owl and was in bed by 10 and now it seems I am getting to bed later and later...not good for this girl who loves her sleep!

I hope you have a good day tomorrow!


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