Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sunday!  My favorite day!  I wasn't in church and I truly missed it.  I did enjoy watching Garrett and the team play ball today and win the tournament.  We lost one game this weekend and it was tied until the last few seconds of the game. 

We just got home from Life Group! We started a new study on the book of James by Bill Hybels called "Live Wisely".  The first chapter was Developing Perseverance, James 1:1-4.  "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds".  That scripture is hard to swallow, much less understand.   How do you feel joy in the midst of tragedy, heartache and pain?  That is what we discussed tonight. 

Here is one question that was asked:  "How can trials and difficult times develop perseverance in a follower of Christ?"  My answer was that I have learned that it is not all about me and my selfish ways and I have found how faithful God is in all things.

Just a couple of days ago I was thinking about His faithfulness and I was in awe.  You know, I know that God is faithful.  His word tells me that, but most importantly He has shown me that time and time again. You would think I could grasp this by now.   I get through a trial or have a major prayer request and God has always been faithful.  But, I don't just pray, trust and wait. No, I worry, doubt and repeat.   His ways are not my ways, so why would I possibly think God might  think like me?  My first thought is I am undeserving.  Sometimes I think God would just like to punish me.  This is not how our Heavenly Father thinks.  Yes, he disciplines, but he does it lovingly just as we discipline our own kids. 

How has God been growing perseverance in my life in the past year?  You want my quick answer or my long one?  My first answer is reading His word and secondly, praying.   I find through my quiet times while praying and reading, I find peace and joy that I crave during this journey.  As I have said many times before, I need your peace, Lord and I will need it every minute of each day.... 

Hope you have a great Monday.  Busy week ahead for us, but that is good.  Each day I cherish the little things and I am reminded that God is in control and I am not!  (That is a good thing because if Ms. A.D.D., as Pat calls me, were in charge, it wouldn't be pretty!)

In His Grip,
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