Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bring On The Food!

Hello and we are hungry!  We had a high protein breakfast at 7AM this morning of eggs and bacon and that is pretty much it.  I told Pat and I am somethin else to "fast with him"!  He is having his PET scan as I type this (5:30 PM).  The radiologist asked if he could pray with us before we went in. He beautifully prayed about healing and God's promises.  What comfort we felt from him and his prayer.  The pain management nurse finished up our appointment and then she said "are you believers?"  When we answered yes, nothing but pure words of encouragement and blessings came out of her cheerful mouth as she talked about this cancer center.  She said that most all staff members are believers  and all in her department are.  We have had three people tell us that after they poured the concrete for this building, scripture was written on all the floors.  Pain management changed up Pat's pain medication.  He has been able to keep his pain at about a two, but they want his pain to be closer to zero.  If your body is fighting the cancer and the pain at the same time, it lowers his immunity.  They put him on a patch that he wears for three days and he can use his hydrocodone for any breakthrough pain.  Last night was the very first time I have ever woke at 3 in the morning and turned on a movie.  He had back and some shoulder pain, so we started the movie "The Soloist".  The movie was okay but too slow for us and we didn't see the ending.  This morning we met with a pastor here on staff.  Ron is a cool!  Just more confirmation.  He has been here at the center for seven years. Tomorrow morning we will have an MRI on Pat's brain.  They want to check every part of him so that we know definitely what we are dealing with.  We are praying for divine intervention right now before we get those results back.  Please let me tell you again how much your heartfelt words mean to us.  We love reading each and everyone and usually repeat.  We are suppose to turn toward the presence of God.  Come to Him  Wait for Him.  Look for Him.  Jesus said in Matthew 11:28, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." This was my word this morning as I read Angela Thomas' book.  If you carry a burden, look for Him.  Good night!  We love you!

In His Grip,
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