Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go Rangers

Hey there!  You will probably read this later as you are watching the Ranger game.  I am also, but I m a multi-tasker!  We have our feet up now at the Holiday Inn across the street.  What is so cool is that we get the same rate as the Cancer Center of $40 a night.  But at the Holiday Inn, we have a King Suite. The Center flew Pat and I up here this morning.  They will pay my airfare this time, but they will always pay for Pat's. When we arrived at the airport there was a lovely man holding an "Easterling" sign waiting to take us to the center and hotel. There is a shuttle every thirty minutes to and from the hotel. They also have shuttles to the local Target, the mall and other stores.  Our first appointment today was with the surgeon who will put in Pat's port on Friday. This small port will be placed under the skin near the shoulder and you won't be able to see it.  After being poked the past two weeks he is ready to get it.  We also met with a gastroenterologist doctor.  He believes that Pat's fever this week was probably caused by the bile duct.  It can get clogged with debris and this can cause a fever.  He says that this would not be unusual. We have a praise!  Pat's liver count (bilirubin) is almost down to normal.  The center held a patient appreciation dinner tonight.  We had several couples join us for dinner who then introduced us to other patients and caregivers who stopped by at the table to say hello.  The more we are here the more we are convinced that this is where we are suppose to be.  Many stories of healing were shared tonight.  Actually we met a girl who was married only three months ago named Carolyn. Her husband, Ray, has stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, which is the first couple that Pat and I have met who are dealing with the same cancer as we are. Her husband is newly diagnosed, but he was unable to come down for dinner.  They are from Addison and we are looking forward to chatting with them.  Pat has found a Pancreatic Support Group that we will be joining next month in Dallas at Presbyterian.  It will be helpful to share this journey with others that have this particular cancer.  This morning we had to get up at 4:15 and leave for the airport at 5:30 AM.  Lately I have been doing all of the driving due to Pat's pain medication. I just hate driving to the airport.  First of all, when I leave the driveway I feel like I am going to forget something important. Then I am having to drive faster than I like to.  We now have toll tags for a few of our cars due to the ball games that we travel to all over the metroplex.  That toll tag works for the airport too, but I thought there was a lane that you could drive straight through as you do on a toll road.  Nope.  I am driving beside the little gate (you know where the man gives you your ticket and takes your money) and wasn't planning on stopping until Pat says "Whoa, whoa, whoa".  Sure enough, the arm was down.  I slammed on my brake.  Pat is just mumbling under his breath.  So I had to back out because that gate was closed.  We made it to the terminal, but Pat was not happy, I was not happy, I was embarrassed and Elizabeth just kept on chatting.  I can almost smile about it, but not quite.  So, those who pray for my driving safety (Gordon, I know you do!) please continue.  I told Pat that we have many more miles to travel together and I will be driving most of it. Overall today has been a good day, but I won't lie.  We are exhausted, especially after checking out of the hospital yesterday.  So, I ask that you pray for strength and rest with the sleep we get each night.  Also, remember my kiddos.  Matt had a severe migraine today after being sick the past two days.  Elizabeth tried to care of his needs as well as getting Garrett to the ortho.  What a gift she has been. Basketball season started today with Garrett practicing before and after school.  The first game will be Monday, November 15th....can't wait! I want to take this time to send a short message to the ministers at First Baptist Church, where I work.  I was not able to join you guys for the Mexican Fiesta in your honor, but know that all of you mean so much to me.  I love my job and miss being with each of you every day.  Having you as our friends during this journey makes it so much easier. We wish you a good night and say "GO RANGERS!".  By the way, I am sporting my new Ranger t-shirt.

Pat & Paige

PS  That picture from the last post was Elizabeth touching up her mascara on the street with a floor length mirror that was in her trunk!  Go figure!!  
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