Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Going Home

We are going home from the hospital today. We are just waiting on the doctor to checkout. His blood count was good and his liver numbers are excellent, which was a concern for Tulsa as the lower the numbers, the better chance for additional chemo in the future. As far as our hospital stay they do not know what caused the fever. We also do not know if it was related to the chemo are not. We do leave for Tulsa in the morning on a 7:45 AM flight. We will see several more doctors and he will have his port put in followed by a chemo treatment. I am so thankful our treatment plan has not been diverted and we can continue on. Enjoy your day! This weather is my favorite of all the seasons. I want to leave you with the encouragement I received this morning: "I know that in spite of the difficulties, this is where we are supposed to be. God has placed us in a privileged position. God knew before we were born what would happen in our lives. This problem was no surprise to Him. God decided that there was a servant of His to whom He would give the privilege of marrying Pat. That servant is me. God appointed me and equipped me for the task before the  foundation of the world.    I read this in Priscilla Shirer's book, "A Jewel in His Crown". In her book she was talking to a young man who was newly married to his young wife and they were dealt the hand of her sickness. These words (which I inserted our names) she spoke to him to encourage him.  They encourage me.  I AM privileged to walk this journey with Pat.This gives me hope and confidence that God will equip us for what is ahead.  This is not just for Pat and I, but for Elizabeth, Matt and Garrett.  They are privileged too although painful. Lord, I thank you for your grace, your love and your intimate encouragement that I needed today.  Here we come, Burleson! 

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