Friday, October 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Its Friday night and thankfully we are home.  We got home about 3 PM.  It feels good to be home...Dorothy was right!  Where do I start?  Where do I begin to share with you here the feelings we are experiencing from you, our friends and family? I want to share some fun here, you know.  So, let me tell you a fun story.  Today at the hospital Matt texted me that he is taking of the yard for Dad.  He said he had finished mowing part of the front yard when he looked up and saw our friend, Marvin, leading a crew of professional mowers.  They unloaded the mowers and Matt said they were done in 30 minutes.  When I weed-eat it takes me two hours.  Anyway, after they finished Marvin tells Matt that he was driving down Hoover Street and saw this crew mowing at "some house on Hoover with a gated entry" and he told them he needed them to come and mow this yard quickly.  So, they left the  job and drover to our house.  Come to find out a bit later, Marvin had taken the mowing crew from my friends house, who happened to be one of my best friends (Wendy) who was sitting at the hospital with me!  Wow!  You know God has a sense of humor, don't you?  Our house was freshly mowed when we arrived, our house sparkling clean, a stocked pantry and a clean refrigerator (thank goodness it was a close friend cleaned my fridge out!).    Our dinner was so delicious and such comfort.  

Pat and I are now sitting on the couch just chilling. The boys are at Burleson homecoming and Elizabeth is hanging out with David.  Also,  Mom and Kelly are here.  (You should have seen me and Kelly sharing a twin bed last night in the hospital...brought back wonderful memories, but we didn't fight!)
Monday morning we start our plan of action.  We plan on seeking and researching the best plan for Pat.  We are praying that God specifically points us in his direction that he has already laid out for us.  

Today me and my life group girlfriends and others were headed to San Antonio today for a weekend at the Women of Joy Conference.  My life group friends stayed behind with me.  My other girlfriends said they were going to the conference to bring back a fresh word for me.  Part of my weekend was to cart Becky Tirabassi, my special friend to and from the airport and work her book table.  She is one of  the speakers at the conference tomorrow.  She walked along side me through Pat's first journey and she stands beside me for the second.  Her last words to me today was "watch out, I am kicking butt tomorrow".  Oh what a message she will have for those women in the morning.   
As I close tonight, we want you to know that your words of comfort are carrying us along with your prayer and support.  Also, we ask that you come by if you want.  Pat and I need you, our family and friends.  Our kids need their friends.  So, know that our door is open. Goodness knows that there is plenty to eat if you stop by!  

We love you!
Pat, Paige, Elizabeth, Matt & Garrett

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