Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  You see this great masks we have on?  Jessica (Warner) sent all of us a Halloween care package full of candy, cards and a mask!  Thank you Jessica!  We all love you and miss you!  You will have to look at my facebook to see all of the silly pictures that we took while Dad and Michele were here just a bit ago!  I love spontaneous fun!  Elizabeth pulled out the costume box and that was all she wrote!  My dad looks so good and I am so thankful.   I put on a roast this morning and Dad and Michele stayed for dinner.  Pat and I went to church this morning...just where we wanted to be.  Pat is feeling good, just weak.  We are looking forward to being home this week and pray for some normalcy.  Matt was here this weekend and we just told him good-bye.  It is hard for him to go back to school and I ask you to specifically be in prayer for him.  The Ranger games has started and I think I feel a Win!  

Dad & Michele
What?  You don't own a pair of these?

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