Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Golden Treet

Hey there!  Rangers, please step it up!  Today has had some good and bad to it.  This morning we had some breakfast and then met with some old friends from Arkansas.  Sue and Bob Carter drove in for a visit.  Their son, John, has been friends with Pat since junior high.  They were such a treat and kept us laughing.  I have attached a picture of them with Pat in front of the living tree.  My sister, Kelly, came after lunch and is spending the night here in Tulsa.  Gosh, there is nothing like a sister!  More great news is that we met with the oncologist assessment nurse, Cathy, and she was so pleased with Pat's blood work.  She was excited that he responded to chemo so fast.  His iron is low, but we will meet with a dietitian in the morning to help guide us in the nutrition that will help increase his iron.  His bilirubin numbers are normal....thank you Lord for this good news.  Sadly, Pat has had a rough day with nausea and throwing up.  That happened after lunch a couple of times and it really wiped him out for the rest of the evening.  After dinner, Kelly drove us over to Academy to pick up a few things Pat needed.  Now we are watching the game and going to bed soon.  Please pray for Pat tomorrow as he has a busy day.  After 8:30 AM he cannot have anything by mouth as he will have his port put in about 12:30 PM.  Prior to that we will meet with Pain Management also in the morning.  Following recovery after the port placement, Pat will have his second round of chemo.  We plan to fly home Saturday morning on a 6:00 AM flight.  Hope you have a great night!  By the way, thanks for praying for good rest for me last night.  I slept until 7:00 this morning and felt so much better.  Those prayers work and they are carring us!  We love you!

In His Grip,
Pat & Paige
PS  Elizabeth, Matt & Garrett, we miss you and love you! 
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