Friday, October 29, 2010

Port Time

Hey from Tulsa!  This is a picture of Pat before his port was placed.  His nurse was a waitress from the diner across the street!  It is Friday afternoon and we are in the infusion center, which is where Pat gets his chemo treatments, but also it is like an ER while at the center.  Right now he has severe cramping and nausea and will be doing an x-ray on his belly to see if there is a reason for the cramping.  His day started this morning with fasting for his port.  This morning we met with pain management and nutrition before he went in at 11:15 to start pre-op for the port.  He was in recovery by 1:45 PM.  Following that we went to eat some lunch.  Kelly was here all day with us, which was great company for us and she was a lot of help this afternoon.  She took us back to the hotel and about 3:30 PM Pat got severe cramping which caused him to be sick for quite a while.  So, that brings us to where we are now, which is waiting on the x-ray.  They are hooking up with some fluids and nausea medication.  He also didn't get much sleep last night.  He was scheduled to have his chemo at 4 PM today, but we will see if and when that happens later on this evening.  I did have a great surprise today when my friend Laura (Watts) came by and visited with Kelly and I.  Laura and I have been friends since grade school. She and I were in sports together and were cheerleaders all through high school.  It is hard to believe, but we haven't seen each other in over 28 years.  It was great seeing you, Laura!  Kelly left about 3:00 PM after she got us settled in at the hotel.  Many people knew we were sisters because we look so much a like now.  She is taller and smarter and I am shorter and sassier!  It means so much to Pat and I that you came, Kelly.  Thanks Brian, Brianna and Kelton for letting us steal her for a bit.  Miss ya'll.  We have reservations to fly home early on the 6 AM flight and hope we will be able to keep that plan.  I have attached a photo of Pat and his nurses before he went back for his port.  Such sweet, sweet people here every where we turn.  I will post again later tonight if I can to give you an update.  Please forgive the sideway photo...I am tired of fooling with it!  Hugs! 
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