Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rangers Win!

Ranger Play Offs
Home sweet home again! Oh I loved seeing sweet Matt's face and his friend, Colby, as they met us at the gate at the airport.  Guess what?  I told Matt that he was driving home and was he surprised!  I did try to sit in the backseat and not say too many times that he was driving too fast!  Pat and I were craving some good old junk food, but the closest we came to that was getting fajitas to go. It was good and the boys were here to eat with us.  Elizabeth, if you may recall, is at the World Series!  Go Rangers!  As I type this it is Rangers 4 and Giants 1.  On the plane ride home I was praying and thanking God.  I started praying and journaling in 1995.  I bought four books for a $1 from Crossings Magazine and one of the books I bought was "Let Prayer Change Your Life" by Becky Tirabassi.  In her book, Becky taught me how to  pray and how to journal.  She teaches you to begin by praising God, followed by confession of your sins and asking for forgiveness.  The next steps are prayer requests or petitions and thanksgiving. Sometimes praise would not flow as easy as thanksgiving or prayer requests as those are simple. I feel like I have always had so much to be thankful for in my life.  But as I was praying on the flight, praising God just flowed from my lips.  God has been so faithful and so intimate with me.  I can see how sovereign He is.  He is trustworthy, loyal and good.  Oh there are many requests that I keep asking, but it felt so good to just praise Him. It was real.  Everything in your and my life  goes through God's hands.  He knows every detail of our life before we were born, therefore He is trustworthy through it all.   Fear takes hold of me though.  Fear of the unknown, failed hopes and dreams, disappointment and just plain scared to surrender it all.  I still choose Him.  Although our life since 2008 has been full of change, heartache and great surprises, it has been the sweetest.  God started pruning those things and ideas in my life that I thought were important.  Pruning is hard to take and sometimes painful, but he just wants to transform us and makes us more like Him.  Gosh, he sure has a lot more to do with me.    Enjoy your weekend!  Rangers won!  We love you!

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