Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Healthy

Hello!  Pat and I are about to sit and watch some TV.   My friend, Wendy, just left. She is getting Pat on the right road to healthy and organic eating.  Whole Food items have now filled our fridge and pantry.  I also dusted the cobwebs off our Jack Lalanne Juicer and used it tonight. Have you had your cucumbers, carrots, spinach, apple and celery mixed together today?   Healthy eating is knowledge and discipline and we need it.   Today Pat went into the office and stayed a few hours and I was able to run some errands.  (By the way, this blog will not allow me to have paragraphs just so that you know.)  Last night before we left Hico to come home, we visited with our neighbors, Charlene and Lonnie.  They are really good friends and we have shared many meals.  We were over at their house one day and something was brought up about the Snuggie.  You know...that lovely shade of blue! Charlene was determined to find Pat a camo and he she did.  Pat is sitting in his chair sporting the Snuggie and looking quite warm, but manly.  According to the pictures on the box, he can fish in his Snuggie and even play video games!  Sorry, I do not have that picture yet.  I hope you have a good night.  Pat's back is still hurting.  We will have our first doctor appointment tomorrow.  We may also be seeing another oncologist out of Dallas on Thursday. We ask again that you pray with us on the best direction for treatment.    We covet your prayers.  Good night! xoxo  
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