Friday, October 22, 2010


We have had such a full day and it is not even over.  We have had meetings since 9:30 this morning with a few breaks and a quick nap. This has been a hard day and probably one of the toughest so far.  So much information to digest and then understand.  This place is so organized.  When we arrived they gave us a brief case with our schedule and various information.  Every time we visit with a nurse or doctor they give us more handouts and instructions.  Each morning when we awake there is a schedule on the bulletin board outside our door, but they constantly change and add to it all day long.  This morning we met with the radiation doctor  We heard music to our ears when she told us that we will not be having radiation as of now.  That will require us to be here five days a week for five weeks.  They could add it later. She also confirmed the MRI results that Pat's brain is all clear.  We did a high five immediately and danced a bit in the hall when we left her office.  Our next stop was pain management.  His pain is so much better.  He said that when he woke yesterday morning that he felt so good that this bad dream ought to be over and we should be on our way home.  After lunch we met with Pat's new oncologist, Dr. Shrestha.  She has been here at the center for a very long time and as we have gone through the week we have only heard great things about her.  Pat's PET scan told was what we already know.  Chemotherapy will be begin tonight at 7 PM.  Chemo will be once a week for three weeks and then one week off.  Tomorrow morning we will head home, but we have to come back on Wednesday to meet with a gastroenterologist so that we make sure that the stent is working properly as our goal is to get his bilirubin down so another drug can be added to his chemotherapy.  He will determine at our meeting if he needs to do another ERCP (which was done at Harris during our stay).  Pat will also have his Port put in next week and then have chemotherapy on Friday.  Each time we come we will always visit with oncology, naturopathic, and nutrition teams as well as other outside services such as counseling or other ways to help in this journey.  After we met with oncology we met with Naturopathic.  This is not something you will see at other cancer centers.  They have put Pat on natural supplements that will help with his immune system, anti-inflammation, antioxidation and other supplements to help with anticancer effects.  Following that department we visited with the dietician who went over Pat's body fat and muscle density. He is to have a diet of high protein, grains, organic vegetables and fruits as well as low fat dairy and no sugar.  He also had to do preop for possible procedure for next week and port and he also had an EKG today.  So, you can see what kind of day today has been.  We will plan to fly up here every week and they will pay for Pat's airfare every week and mine the first week.  This will allow us to get home really quick and watch Garrett play some basketball this season....we can't wait!  I have attached a photo for your viewing pleasure!  Go Spartans!  I am going to accompany Pat to chemo so I am going to sign off for now.  This is going to be a tough road ahead and we can only focus on one day or moment at a time.  Prayer warriors, please take your positions!  All of our love!  We love you and we need you!
Paige & Pat

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