Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hey guys!  Hope your Saturday has been a good one!  This weather is my very favorite and it doesn't last very long in Texas.  Pat is ready for the cold weather and deer season!  When we were first married, he gave me a t-shirt that read "we interrupt this marriage to bring you deer season".  Yep, but that is okay.  Deer season = shopping season!

It has been a good day. We have had lots of visitors.  Pat's aunt from Austin, his cousin from Dallas, his brother, sister, nieces and nephews as well as good friends.  Again, I have read every text and/or message you have sent to me.  Love you for it!  

Pat has felt good today other than his incision on his side and a touch of nausea.  

Monday we hit the ground hard and fast finding the next step.  My sister, Kelly, has been on the phone and on the computer all day getting information for us on the Cancer Center of America.  It is possible that we may have an appointment set by the first of the week.   We still will touch base with his oncologist on Monday to visit with him.

Shout out to Jennifer & John on your anniversary and Laura Lankford on your birthday!  Love you guys!

Sundays are my favorite day of the week, because it usually starts with worship and ends with Life Group.  I will not be in church tomorrow, but you will know that I wish to be.  I know that you will be lifting our family tomorrow as you worship.  

We love you!
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