Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Place Is A Hidden Jewel

Hey Hey!  We are back in our room for the night.  We just left a small prayer service here at the center which we were so glad that we attended.  Today was informative.  We began our day with patient registration and intake nurse interview.  This afternoon we met with a counselor who discussed the mind body and medicine aspect of the center.  Finally he was poked for blood.  We have a huge day tomorrow.  Pat has to eat breakfast before 8 AM and then he has to fast, bless his heart, until he has a PET scan tomorrow at 6 PM.  During the day we will meet with our Nurse Navigator.  She is our main contact here at the center and she makes sure that we are informed and that we have every question answered.  After lunch we meet with a pain management nurse and then he will have his PET Scan.  On Thursday he will have another MRI scan and meet with a nutritionist.  I won't get too far a head of the schedule as it is subject to change at any moment. Today we got a great laugh.  It was "decade day" at Centennial High School and Garrett dressed in old basketball attire.  The short shorts and the headband just killed me.  Garrett, thanks for making our day!  Miss you three and Cash!  Hope you had a good Tuesday.  We love you all!

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