Monday, October 18, 2010

Tulsa Bound

Pat & Cash Smilin!

Whew!  We made it but such a long drive.  The roads on 75 and others were pretty rough and bumpy for Pat's back.  We created a bed in the back so that he could rest while I drove.   Thank you for those who were specifically praying for our safety.  It is a good thing.  I was driving in the left hand lane on 75 coming out of Denison and I glanced over at one of those dorky Smart Cars and when I turned back to see the road the suburban in front of me was stopped.  I whipped around the suburban and passed three cars on my right while slamming on my brakes in the median.  Pat raises up and says "Paige what are you doing?  I can't have that."  I was so so frightened and thankful at the same time.  Those cars are dorky though!  As we were packing up this morning Dr. Ross' nurse called, he is our oncologist, and wanted to visit with Pat.  So we met him at 11 AM.  He is a man we respect and truly cares for Pat.  He pretty much agreed with the other three oncologists, but he did encourage us to go where we felt we needed to.  He said CCOA here in Tulsa have good doctors but can be expensive.  He also offered to talk with us after we got a plan of treatment here if we would like his input.  Also, he said that there is a clinical trial at MD Anderson that we could consider and would try to get us in there if we would want to do that.  We left the doctor's office feeling depressed and confused. Pat's thoughts were "we can put men on the moon, but we can't cure pancreatic cancer."  As I type this, Pat is speaking to a pancreatic cancer survivor on the telephone now.  A pancreatic cancer support group facilitator spoke with Pat today as we are wanting to visit a support group. The facilitator was named Linda and Pat liked her immediately. As we arrived we were warmly greeted here.  We had a quick dinner in their grill and have settled here in the room.  Noel, our bellman, was just what Pat and I needed.  He encouraged us with scripture and prayed with us.  When we shut the door after speaking to him, we just said "wow". Isn't it just like God to send us a believer to greet us as we stepped into this center.  By the way, this place looks like a hotel and we feel that we should be on vacation.  You are quickly reminded when you look around at the fellow patients that we are not. I started a new book yesterday by Angela Thomas called "Do You Know Who I Am"?  In the middle of writing this book, she experienced a scare of cervical cancer.  As she wrote this book, she too was waiting not knowing what her future dealt. Her journey immediately sounded like ours at times.  What I did come away with my reading of a couple of the chapters this morning was "God wants me to trust Him.  Just Him.  The Lord, God Almighty, Sovereign.  Omniscient. Loving. Faithful.  We are not to trust in our gifts or abilities or experience--not even our spiritual knowledge.  He wants us to trust only in Him.  To believe in His character.  To be certain that His commitment to us is pure and good and eternal.  To fully set our hope in who He is.  2 Corinthians 1:10 says "On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us".   I'll will close for now.  

Good Night!
Paige (Texas born, raised in Oklahoma, returned to Texas, seeking God's direction in Oklahoma, gal!) 

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