Monday, October 11, 2010

A Note From Pat

Oh my friends and family....I have not been able to read these until now because it is so emotional for me at times but now that I finally got through them, with many pauses for a few tears, i thought you should know my thoughts...... Anyone who knows me knows, i am not one to spend a lot of time typing but the love for my family is so over whelming that i must. You must also know, that your words and prayers sustain me through these tough times but you should also know that my God has never been far from my heart. I have shared recently that I could not imagine my life any sweeter than it was prior to 2008, but it is. My love for family, friends, and more importantly, my relationship with God became much more important to me in 2008. The cancer then, was a wake up call from God, of what's important in life. I truly missed out prior to 2008. But you know what, it just keeps getting better!...... As I shared recently, the birds chirping in the early morning, keep getting louder. The cool breeze this time of year, feels like no other. The sun rising in the morning, setting in the evening, is also something spectacular even outside of the Dbl E! The relationship my family has with one another and with our God is as sweet as honey. He is a loving God who does not discriminate. He loves us all and I continue to be humbled that he loves me.....You all graciously, keep asking, what can we do for the Easterlings? Well, you can do this.... Dont wait on something big before you stop and smell the roses! (Romans 12, 9 thru 21) Life can be so much more grand, I promise! Never forget, ignore or turn your backs on God, he doesnt you. His love for you is never ending and is unconditional and most of all, please continue to pray for my family as this has been real hard on them. Especially our kids.......I want you to know, that you all mean so much to me and your kind words and prayers keep me going. If your heart desires, please dont stop. Also, if you find yourself searching for that sunrise Im talking about, please come over, get yourself a cup of coffee, and I will show it too you! If you've seen it, come over anyway......We love all of you and thanks again for your love for us.              Pat 

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